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Brand Story

Brand Story
Our BioCurve contact lens has a long history. It was created in San Diego, CA as a custom lens brand with the core philosophy of “Commitment to Quality and Service to create value to ECPs and Patients”. The BioCurve brand has expanded over the last 10 years and now includes Disposable Contact Lenses. In February of 2017 we launched BioCurve Silicone Monthly Lens. We will continue to provide the ECPs with additional options and materials.

A+ Wave

A+ Wave
A+ Wave is precision cast molded Etafilcon A with a 58% water content, making it a very comfortable monthly lens that is easy to handle and clean. Packaged as single diagnostic lenses or in 12 packs aimed to give the patient all the lenses they require until the time of their next doctor’s appointment. Basecurve / Diameter (mm): Power: 8.5 / 14.0 +4.00D to -8.00D0.50D steps over -6.00D