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Based in sun-kissed San Diego, California,

Optical Connection LLC is a contact lens wholesaler that stands as a close ally to independent ECP businesses. For over 17 years, our company has upheld the three core values that have helped ECP practices garner significant growth in both contact lens sales and customer retention rates:

Never on Online Retailers

Our products will never be sold on retailer stores, both online and offline. Our ECPs can feel confident knowing that they are the only channel for Optical Connection lenses to their patients.

Competitive Pricing

Our modest packaging design and minimal marketing allow us to forgo inflated pricing on our products and provide your patients with the most affordable lenses.

Market-Tested Quality

Our FDA-approved products have been in the market since 2003. Our market experience and constant lens innovations ensure our lenses are of the utmost quality.

Find the right lens for your patients.

Browse through our product catalog to find the lenses that suit your patients' needs. We offer an assortment of high-quality, self-branded monthly and daily disposable contact lens products.

Take advantage of our additional offerings

Private Labeling

Work with us to create your unique branded contact lens product, exclusive to your practice.

Patient Direct Delivery

We can deliver the patient's lenses right to their homes with no added cost.

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Place orders with us online! Our reps will provide constant shipping updates to keep you informed at all times.

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